Burned Alive

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Ash Wednesday
Beautiful, bubbly, 20-year-old Kim Antonakos was returning to her New York City apartment after a night of clubbing with a friend. A business major with wild black hair, long polished fingernails, and a new Honda her loving father had bought her, Kim took good care of herself and looked forward to a bright future. But on her way home in the early morning darkness of that Ash Wednesday, Kim was abducted-and her mysterious kidnappers would be the last people to see her alive.

Scorching Betrayalburnedalive
As Kim’s father, wealthy computer executive Tommy Antonakos, launched a widespread, feverish search for his daughter, he had no idea that her abductors were right under his nose. A cold mastermind had ordered had ordered Kim to be bound, gagged and left in the freezing basement of an abandoned house, hoping to extract ransom from her father. When the plans fell through, he and his henchman panicked, returned to the basement and doused a near-frozen Kim with gasoline, setting her on fire.

Burned Alive
When the fire was extinguished, all that was left of the lovely coed were her charred, lifeless remains. What would drive the kidnappers to commit such a cruel and senseless murder? How did their plans to cover their tracks result in another killing? And how were the murderers finally snared? Read all of the fascinating facts in a startling expose of extortion, murder, and ultimate justice.


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BURNED ALIVE review by blogger:

“An award-winning reporter for the New York Post, Mr. Crowley utilized all of his considerable skills while tracking down and interviewing all the key players in this intricately detailed true crime tome. From the bereaved father of the victim to the detectives who cracked the case, Crowley leaves no stone unturned in his search for the truth. The result is an intimate portrait of  a shocking crime that involves a quartet of confused and impressionable Brooklyn youths.

Mr. Crowley does and excellent job with this roller coaster story, always sticking to the facts and never resorting to the sordid sensationalism that less adept authors could have easily slipped into with such explosive material. Perhaps the veteran reporter was tempered by the striking figure of Kim’s father, Tommy Antonakos, whose grief and bereavement run through every page of this tragic tale.

– Rusty Fischer, About.com