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(This book was written by Kieran Crowley under the pseudonym  Sean Michael Bailey.)

“Ed! No, don’t . . .”
Artie began to reach for his gun. He was fast but, as his hand grasped the grip of the SIG, he felt and saw the exploding gas of the first shot, more than heard it, although it was quite loud.  The CQTF bullet, a Close Quarter Totally Fragmenting 91 grain projectile struck Artie on the bridge of his nose.  The specialized, rounded blue slug instantly passed through his skin, nose cartilage and through his sinus area.  It flattened against the front of the marshal’s skull before his eyes could blink.  Liberated, the load of a dozen round, number six birdshot pellets inside the special bullet sped through Artie’s brain like lead bees at 2,100 feet per second.
Artie didn’t hear the second shot.1787

Matt Newton settles into his First Class seat and fondles the small platinum rectangle, a sophisticated storage device he desgined, containing several virulent viruses, dangling from a chain around his neck.  The federal TSA security employee at New York’s Kennedy Airport had noticed the shiny pendant but thought is was some kind of charm jewelry,  “a cute little toy harmonica,” she called it.  She never asked Matt to pay a tune.
After flight 1787’s takeoff for sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mecixo, Matt open his laptop computer for an encrypted conference with his employees to plan an attack.  A millionaire, Matt operates in a computer world that most people barely know exists, the shadow world of Bots and Zombies and their greedy masters who send their herds out across the world to destroy and enslave.  His secret struggles take place in cyberspace, a virtual arena of conflict that takes over more of the real world every day.
But today, Matt and his fellow passengers will face a series of despaerate battles, both real and virtual, on which not just their lives depend.  Alone, their vacation destination forgotten, their time running out, they must defeat a fearless enemy who uses secret technology and ruthless violence in a grab to achieve a sacred goal.  the odds are impossible, the consequences beyond reckoning.
Tempered with irony and dark humor, bristling with shocking plot twists and cutting-edge technology, 1787 is a riveting thriller, a roller coaster rocket ride of suspense and action, in which a random selection of Americans of all ages and backgrounds are forced to fight or die against a daylight evil bent on lighting a fuse they pray will ignite and change the world  forever.

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