Introducing F.X. Shepherd, Pet Columnist

It’s a dog-eat-dog world at the infamous tabloid New York Mail, where brand new pet columnist F.X. Shepherd finds himself on the trail of a killer with a wicked sense of humor, who is hacking celebrities to death.

When a famous TV foodie’s husband is slain, the only witness is Skippy, a bright Husky who adopts Shepherd, and the reluctant reporter inadvertently becomes a tabloid star.

Bodies and suspects accumulate as Shepherd runs afoul of cutthroat office politics and Ginny Mac, a sexy reporter for a competing newspaper—who will do anything for a story.

In an attempt to stop the carnage, Shepherd teams up with Izzy Negron, a Homicide Squad detective with a bizarre interview style. When Shepherd is contacted by the Hacker, he realizes he may be next on the list.


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Advance praise for Hack

“A rollicking, sharp-witted crime novel.” – Kirkus Reviews. 

“HACK is a witty and incisive mystery set in the raucous world of tabloid journalism. Laugh out loud funny and suspenseful–it’s like Jack Reacher meets Jack Black.” – Rebecca Cantrell, New York Times bestselling author of   THE BLOOD GOSPEL

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